Dog walker, Dog sitter, Babysitting, English tutor, Science tutor

by Inez Fraiegari
(Buford, Georgia, US)


I'm seeking a job at such an early age because I want to have just a little taste on what it will be like for years to come. As well as that, I would also like to pursue a job because like my mother says," You should learn responsibility and how to control your money usage," I too agree with that, and I want to strive for that goal as well.
To get to know me a bit personality wise, i'll give you a brief description of me. I can be loquacious and welcoming; I love to be a free spirit and keep an optimistic vibe. I am also very shy at first, but you'll I see to be a whole different person (in a good way of course) after I have grown familiar with my new environment. Hard working is another quality trait that I bring to the table. I love to achieve things, especially if the outcome is helping another person or creature! I work extremely well with animals considering that doing something with animals will be my major ( animal sciences etc.) In college.
In addition, the form about states that I should be telling you about what type of job I want. With that said I will not waste a moment as I give a small understanding of just that. The job I want to be affiliated with at the moment is anything to do with animals. Having two dogs at home I have learned the responsibility and care needed to work in this field. Ever since I was little i've had a passion for animals, and even memorized a dog encyclopedia! Although working with animals is mainly what i'd like to do, teaching academics to younger students is also another option. I do very well in English and Science(specifically biology), so if anyone needed help in those fields I could certianly put my best foot forth.
To conclude, that is just a bit of information on me. I hope it was helpful in deciding whether or not I would be able to get a job at the age of 13. Working is just another step closer to my goals, and if I were to be offered a job i'd be elated beyond heart's content. Thank you for reading this little article on myself.


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