Drawing/animating, creating fun apps,author

by Elissa

Hello, I am a 13 year old looking forward to getting some money for my future. To be honest I do not want to buy a bunch of electronics and stuff like that,I love sharing gratitude towards my younger siblings,and they are always asking for stuff. I also need money saved up because it's a dream of mine to go to school of visual arts in NY, and it would be great if I had money to get an apartment or home to stay in,if I get into it. I've been told by my friends that I'm a very good artist, even my art teacher admits I'm more creative than her. I can create artwork quick and easy, making art products Will not be hard. I know the twists and turns of people's attention spans on entertainment,and with friends help I can create fun and addicting apps/games to play. I also have the guidance of my dad,who works as a programmer and can teach me with ease (I can also create banners for websites on my own if there's anything for that). And last but not least I find myself a spectacular writer. Everyone who has ever read my stories have been very pleased and everyone has said I have extremely descriptive word choice.some even said that they didn't even k ow I had it in me to write a story as well as the one they have read. Although my preference for the job order from the most I want (top) to my last choice. Witch is, selling artwork,writing/author,banner/ad creator, app programmer. It makes me quite exited to know I could possibly gain a job for myself,since my mom is always telling me to get a job if I ask for something.but since being at age 13 it is impossible to get a job and my excitement makes me impatient. I'm looking forward to this, have a great day/night!


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