by Oriona Ashby
(Las Vegas, NV)

My name is Oriona Ashby, age 16, birthday is December 18th, 1998. I live in Las Vegas, Nevada. I'm going to be soon getting my GED and I want to get a job in something that either requires animation and/or gaming. I can't really find anything for my age (mainly because of my experience and...well, of course, my age) in my location and I'd really like to get a a job instead of sitting around lazily all day, when I could be getting the experience, training, and possible income I NEED for the future. My Email is Orionaashby7@gmail.com and my address is 5402 Encino Springs Ave. 89139 Las Vegas, NV. My phone number is 702-418-7595.

Please get in contact with me as soon as possible.

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