Fun, comfortable, and well paying

by Kaylin Richey
(Chicago, Illinois, United States)

This is me

This is me

My name is Kaylin, I am located in Chicago, Illinois; and I am 14 years old. I am on my way to high school, I graduate 8th grade in a few days. The reasons I want a job is because it will just make me feel better knowing I have money in my pocket, I would like to be able to buy anything I want from the store( when I go with my mother and she is shopping she sometimes doesn't buy anything other than what she came for), and I would like to know that me, a young person, went out on the look out for work and some of these parents don't want to for their children.

I am a hard worker, when I feel like quitting I work harder to get that thought out of my head. Honesty is one of the things I believe in so I'll be honest, If I don't know how to do something I will ask for help. I do no like messing things up from me being ignorant.
The pay I want is at least $5 an hour because I am still a kid. I won't ask for raises or do anything along the line of being greedy.
Email contacts:,
Phone contact: 773-993-7960,

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