Game testing or selling other peoples stuff they cant sell

My name is Kelli I am thirteen, and my mom is a single mom. I have a little sister ,she is nine,and a little brother ,he is two and will be turning three, September 5. My mom is having trouble with money and I would love to help her out. There are things I want to be allowed to do like get my little brother something for his birthday . I have been wanting a new PlayStation for about eight months and I waited until my birthday came around so I could get one, but my mom couldn't get me anything for my birthday. there are so many things I want and need and I want to go to college for eight years but how am I going to do that without any money? My mom probably wouldn't be able to help me. So I thought I should start with a job online. I don't know how game testing would go for me since I only have a computer I could use my cousins Wii. I need a job that will give me enough time to study and do chores. If I get a good job online it would help my mom so she can relax a little bit more.

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