Giving advice on relationships

by Sasha
(Camp Lejeune, NC, US)

Hi, my name is Sasha and I love to help people with their relationship problem. It's really entertaining and awesome when you make the person feel better after you help them. I makes me feel like my advice is good enough to help them.

I am thirteen years old and love to help my friends whenever they have a crush or need help with their relationship. It's kind of like a job for me. They say it because I like to watch and read a lot of romance stuff. Whatever, but it's also ironic because I've never been asked out. It's like a nature to me I guess.
So I want a job to help people no matter how old they are. To help them work it out because everyone deserves to be loved and have someone to take care of them and cherish them. No should be left clueless or heartbroken. That's where I come in.

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