These Beautiful, Rare Gold Coins USED to be Illegal to Own...But Not Any More!

For almost 40 years, it was illegal to own gold coins in the United States under Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

But not any more!

Take a look at some of the richest families in our history to use rare gold coins to grow and safeguard their wealth:

The Rothschilds (at one time, the wealthiest family in the world)

The DuPonts (whose descendants today run the 2nd biggest chemical company in the United States)

The Morgans (JP was one of the richest railroad men of the past 100 years)

And now your kids can invest in these valuable gold coins...

As David Hall from Collectors Universe said...

"With modest investment in the right coins in the early 1970s you could cash out and buy a house by 1980, and many did."

Suggested Coins:

1924-1928 mintage Saint-Gaudens graded at a minimum MS-63 by PCGS or NGC

Both PCGS & NGC provide trusted, reliable grading certificates. Kind of like a "report card" for the condition of coins. Check this our for more information about grading gold coins

What's a Fair Price?

* 50% premium above the price of gold for MS63 St. Gaudens

* 80% premium above the price of gold for MS64 St. Gaudens

* 200% premium above the price of gold for MS65 St. Gaudens

So the higher the grade...the higher the premium.

How do you know the price of gold? Easy.

1) Find out the price of gold It's updated every I'm writing this, gold is at $598 an ounce

2) So for the Saint Gaudens graded MS63, I'm willing to pay $598x1.50%=$897

Saint Gaudens graded MS64, $598x1.80%=$1,076

Saint Gaudens graded MS65, $598x3=$1,794

Another valuable coin is the "Raw" Liberty Double Eagles, Type 3, AU50 grade

These beauties are 100 year-old turn of the Century works of art that are part of history. No one is making any more of them.

And a good price is 25% premium above the current price of gold. So buy one for $598x1.25=$747.

Any of these gold coins are great investments to have in your kids portfolios...that are easy to buy and sell.

And who knows? Maybe your kids will be able to cash out of the right gold coin and be able to buy a house some day! Anything's possible.

Contact me and I'll send you 3 recommendations for trusted coin dealers who will treat you...and your kids...right!

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