Hair styling, nails art, computer tutoring, passing out fliers

by Johnea
(Compton,California,United States)

Hi my name is Johnea and I am 13 years old. I am really in need for some money this summer so I can do the things I would like to without always bugging my mom or my grandma for it. I am honestly looking for a job that pays good, I mean really good. I know that may be too much to ask for to be so young but I plan to go school shopping with some of the money I make also. The job I'm looking for I would usually like it dealing with beauty but any other job is fine with me also.I would like to be paid about $300-$500 a month and that's so I can get the new laptop I've been asking my mom about... So yeah, that's what I am looking for please contact back if you know any information on this...

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