Helping pages for there backgrounds

by Aaron Nieves
(Montrose Ave. Brooklyn,NY)

Hi,My name is Aaron Nieves Im 13 years old and i wanna work on helpng people with there background with there websites or pages.My brothers an artist and works for painting buildings and I wanna make him proud by being noticed as an artist...I am an artist it runs in the family and if this job works for me ill start on making advertisements when Im older.If i get a job for a website it will be my first job and ill give it my all.

My dream job is to be a socail worker or a Marine because my Uncles a Marine and I have been through so much in my life that my family considers me as a Socail worker.I wouldnt like much just 20$ Im not picky or 10$.I can be Contacted by the number 646-327-3949 thats my moms number or Facebook

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