Hey my name is dontasja wilks im am 13 years olds

by Dontasja L .Wilks
(3237 n 10th st c upper )

Hey my name is Dontasja Wilks I'm 13 years old in I love going outside in playing with other kids. I can cook, have fun with kids. I will love to babysitting kids age 2-11 years old. I just love babysitting other kids. I babysit my sister's in brother. I love going school love doing math. in when I get old I will be a singer. If god let me live to see the age of 20. In I go church every Sunday. so if u let me watch your kid it will be awesome. in I love getting money by babysitting . If u like me to babysit your kids call me my number is 414-366-6609 I will be waiting for your call I only well want 10/dollars a hour I will be open 7 days a week.

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