The Secret on How to Save Money Is FREE and Only a Phone Call Away!

All millionaires have one thing in common...they know how to save money.

They make a habit of paying themselves FIRST - automatically.

So what's the FREE secret weapon?

Your friendly bank of course!

Think automatic's easy, effective, and FREE! Simply set up a monthly transfer to your kids money market account.

And money they don't money they won't MISS.

Why do you think the government collects income taxes directly from your paycheck?!

But how do you get your kids excited about saving money when they waaaaant it NOW?

Here's how I did it with my own 4 kids...

1) I asked them, "Who wants to be a millionaire some day?"

2) And plugged my ears with the resounding "MEEEEEEEEEEE!"

3) I explained it would take a little work and patience...but I would help them.

So How Much Money Should Your Kids Be Saving?

Here Are The Saving Ratios I Use:

0 to 5 Year Olds - Infants to Toddlers - Save 100%

The first stage for your children is ages 0 to 5 years old, infants to toddlers. This is the only stage where you will be saving 100% of all the income your child receives for baptisms, birthdays, holidays, etc. for your child.

This is actually the time when most parents do start some sort of savings program or savings bonds.

I remember my husband setting this up for our first two children, but somehow we forgot with number three and four!

The goal is to save 100% of all income earned during these years, about $365 per year or $1.00 per day.

6 to 17 Year Olds - Pre-Schoolers to Teens - Save 50%

The next stage for your children is ages 6 through 17, Pre- School to Teens. This is when your children will save their own money, either in a piggy bank or a purse or wallet along with a savings account.

They are expected to save 50% of any money they earn for investment purposes. It is extremely important that you encourage them to save on a daily basis.

Explain to them, based on their age, that it is still their money but it is growing into more money.

As they become older, show them statements of how their money is growing.

Your children have plenty of time for their investments to grow and no bills to pay so it should not be difficult for them to save 50%.

It should be about $365 per year or $1 per day through age 12...

$650 for ages 13 and 14...

and $2,600 for ages 15 through 17.

Teens are lean, mean, money-making machines! Espeically when they have no bills to pay!

Keep in mind these numbers may be more or less for your children, depending on your situation.

But the important thing to remember is to make a habit of saving 50% of all money earned.

18 to 21 - College Days - Save 10%

At ages 18 through 21, your children will hopefully be in college. We still expect a savings rate of 10% during these years, even though money will be tight.

After having been in the habit of saving 50% for many years, 10% will seem like a breeze!

The important lesson we want to emphasize is that even when money is tight, they are still expected to pay themselves first by still saving 10%.

This amount should be about $780 per year. They should easily be able to work during the summer and one or two nights per week to earn an annual income of $7,800 and still be successful as a student.

22 to 28 - Single, Working - Save 15%

Now we get to the Single, Working ages of 22 through 28. Here we expect a continued habit of saving 15%.

Now that our children have graduated from college and have a job in his career of choice, it should be relatively easy to save 15%.

This amount should be between $5,600 and $6,600 per year based on conservative annual salaries. By now our adult child has almost $300,000 in her investment account. Not bad!

29 to 30 - Married, No Kids - Save 15%

Now our young adult, age 29 to 30 is married, but no kids yet. Here we still expect 15% savings rate which should be very easy, especially with shared expenses and double income.

This amount should be between $6,600 and $8,000 per year.

Over 31 Married, with Children - Save 10%

Our last stage is age 31 and greater where our adult child is married with children of his own. This is when he will continue to save 10% of income until age 65, at which time he can retire wealthy and happy.

These amounts will be from $5,000 to $8,000 depending on annual salary.

The most important habit to get your children and eventually adult children into is saving a set percentage of all income.

Even on an average salary, they will automatically become millionaires.

They will be responsible with their money and pass on these habits to their children and grandchildren.

Most Americans begin investing at age 23 at a rate of 4%.

My husband and I started at about that age, 23, at a rate of 10%.

Our children are doing WAY better! So can yours if you help and guide them.

Here's how you can DOUBLE your interest rate with a Money Market Savings Account If you help your kids get into the habit of saving and investing their money, they'll become guaranteed millionaires.

And they won't ever be stuck at a dead end job they hate because they need the money.

Wealthy people ask for and expect to save money on everything you can imagine - including college tuition.

Paying for college tuition is the second biggest expense after buying your home. But you don't have to pay top dollar for a top education.

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Here's a helpful guide on planning a budget wedding that looks like you've spent a million bucks!

Now that I've given you some ideas on how to save money for you and your sure to check back often as I come up with new and improved ways for saving money like a millionaire...without spending a million!

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