i can do jobs like car washing, i can fix cars too.

by zahid

hi i am a 13 year old and im looking for a job that is worth my time. i have learned a lot of things from my dad who is a mechanic so i can do some jobs on a car like oil change, fixing the brakes and mufflers and stuff like that

but i am looking for a job like selling stuff online, or doing something for someone and getting paid. i have had a paper route job for 1 year and i was good at that but it was boring so when i went on vacation for 2 months then i quit.

i have spent lots of time in my dads garage and helping him, i have spent summers there. so my schedule was like work, home, work, home. i had lots of fun with my dad but i didnt get paid so now i want a job to get paid for. i am responsible and will continue the job.

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