I like to listen to people's problems ? And I try my best to give the best advice.

by Brittany Nguyen
(Wilmington, NC USA)

Hi, my names Brittany Nguyen & Im 13 years old of course. So schools over and summers here. I have not much time for fun right now because I'm switching to a new school. And I'm really worried ONLY because it's a non-uniform school. I know; you'd think Id be like woooohooo! Sadly I'm pretty stressed. Im stressed because my closet; is the emptiest thing I've ever seen. I only have 5 shirts that I wear & 10 jeans. I am desperate for a lot of new clothes. I've tried washing cars but everyone in the neighborhood would just say no except one, but I only got 4 dollars. I wanted to do a yard sale but mom doesn't want anything to be sold. Now I'm just here looking on the internet for just a bit hope that I'll find some way to earn money. And I see that you can make money online. But I hate online surveys. And I was thinking about a website. But I didn't know what it would be about. But then I realized I really listen to people's problems. I mean no matter how personal or crazy, Id listen and understand. I mean I have some weird & crazy problems of my own. And to be honest, I don't know what online job I could have? And advice giver ? An online counselor? I'm just really confused & need money quick. I'm asking for help because my mom has insisted to pay for my clothes. But you don't understand I need to buy lots of clothes. So I want to earn the money myself, I'd feel better that way. I don't know if you are a scam person or if this a legit website. But I typed a lot, please don't bring my hopes down. Thanks, Brittany.

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Sep 13, 2016
by: LOL


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