I want to be an interior designer, so decoratinng websites would be really cool and something fun to keep me bus in the mean time, i am out o school for the summer.

by Lucy
(United States of America )

Well i love organizing my room as well as finding out new ways to but the furniture. I also have a HUGE fish tank in my room so i love cleaning it out and figuring out different ways and place for the little fishes to hide. I also love social networking, like Instagram, twitter, Facebook (although i don't even have one), snap chat, tumbler, etc. I also love creating flyers and posters for different occasions. Like when one of my best friends, Logan, was running for my school asb (assicatoed student body), i designed the capign posters for him, because he was total incapable to do it himself. I would love to have a website design job, or something involved with design. I was also in the coding program at my school but i wasn't very good at it, although i was the only girl in my class to finish the course. I am the public relations director at my school in the asb and i love it. I am in charge of the school bulletin board, (i post on the asb student board, which informs students whats going on with the upcoming events in school or what asb be is currently doing, i also pick the charities that the school charity fund goes too. Like for example this month (June) went to Woman's Cancer Research. Overall i am a very reasonable person, i am organized, Careful, and outgoing. I love to pursue my ideas which is sometimes an excellent trait to have. If i want something bad i will go for it. I was on the honor roll for two semesters, and and i have pretty good grades. I am not the best at math, but English and history are my best subjects. Anyways please consider me for an online job. I want the money for just to spend on things, my parents are not in fiance trouble or anything like so. I save my change and put it into my electronic piggy bank everyday. My freinds think that it is crazy, but i dont. At the end of the day, you could save 100 dollars just by saving al your change for a year.

Anyways Best Regards

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