i want to create advertisements and o create and sell duck tape items

by Jaden Conley
(Louisville Kentucky)

Hi my name is Jaden Conley and I am an entrepreneur. I myself sell them but my only issue is that not a lot of people I know want them.I attend to Moore Traditional and like i said before, I do run a duck tape business but I am working on a new project and this is called"Jaes Mystery fortune Bags"i just started today by doing a drawing at school for five people.Those five people receive one of my Jaes mystery fortune bags.Everyone loved the game and wanted to do it again. unfortunately i don't have all of the supplies.That is why I want to start this job to make life better for people and put that fun and pzazz in life.My final reason for wanting to start a job is because Iv'e always wanted to be on a hard working team with people like me even if their different .Iv'e always wanted an organized place/or website to do an organized job and get paid for it while loving it!!!

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