I want to write tiny online books

by Genesee Taylor
(Manassas ,Virginia,United States of America)

Hi my name is "Genesee Taylor" and I enjoy playing games,watching movies,writing, and exercising.I really want to apply for a job because I need money before the summer starts.I get allowance every week but I have to pay for my phone bill every month.I really want to do writing TNT articles.I have to pay $40 and I'm just a kid and even though my parents are trying to prepare me for the real worlds so I can know how to pay for my bill ,I still need a little bit of money for myself.I mean I'm a girl for crying out loud and I'm about to go to high school.But it just doesn't make any sense how i make $40 a month but then I goes away to pay for my phone bill,then I have to try again next week.Well I'm sorry but I just really want a job that's gives me money I don't even care if it's minimum wage it will really help me.My parents want me to get a job and I found this wonderful helpful site.But I hope you can hire me so I can actually have money without my siblings calling me poor all the time.I really hope you accept this.Have a great day.

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