I would like to do; babysitting, paper rounds, baking sales&baking with kids, help in a nursery, help with story books, trainer&top deigns

by Kai-Ann

Hiya,I'm Kai-Ann most people just call me Kai. I live in London and have done all my life, i would like to get a job because i want to become more independent for when i'm older and need to be independent and i will most probably have to earn my own money and know how to budget well, also i would like a job so i'm doing something constructive with my time. I have good grades in school and I am aiming for the sky in my education I would like to be a plastic surgeon or a lower. I am usually on time for a lot of things and dress appropriately. I sing and dance&do sports for fun. I am very creative and think out of the box, i have have a big family with loads of cousins that are mostly under 9 I some times look after them, take them to the park or to do something fun with them, I can cook well,two of my aunties do catering. I enjoy being surrounded by kids because they are full of energy and encourage me to smile. I do food technology in school so i am very good at knowing the right things to eat and how to balance your diet and i am extremely good at making yummy treats like cakes, cookies, brownies etc. The times i would be able to work is monday- friday except Tuesdays after school from 4:00pm-7:30pm on Saturdays 7:30am-6:30pm.


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