I would like to do stuff with social media

by Emily Sharpe
(Pelsall, United Kingdom)

Hi ,

My name is Emily ,I love to go on social media im 13 on the 9th of august and would love to show my mother that i can make money and help her out with bills . My mother struggles with three kids and i want to help her , The type of job i want to do is with social media , either promoting a page or helping create new social media sites .

I want to help people like charity and people who are less fortunate then me , I love to help people but i never get paid and i want to show that i can make money to help me in later life . I want to be able to have money and buy food for people who are on the streets , with no home to go to .

I want to help people but sometimes i just cant , I feel like because i have the latest gadgets im making my mom poor . Sometimes we dont have water because we cant pay it .

So please let me help me out with a chance to help my family and people who live on the streets

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