I would like to write articles,create facebook pages,and twitter pages. I would also like to sell other peoples stuff online.

by Kaseem Foster
(Perth Amboy, New Jersey)

Well My name is Kaseem. Im from Perth Amboy, New Jersey. Im 13 and looking for an job. Im tired of always having to ask my parents for money. After all my family isnt rich. I love to write, I love advertising things and the type of Internet job Im looking for is any job that will pay.I'd create facebook pages and twitter pages and also would like to write articles on stuff. Another job I would like to do is sell other peoples stuff on a website.If you want to hire me or ask me some questions you have you can reach me at 848-250-6767. Id be really thankful if you did this. Another thing is I go to school from 7am in the morning until 2:35 pm so call me after those ours please. Thank You and Have a nice day. :)

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