I'm not exactly sure on what specific job o want, but I want it to be fun and not completely over my head while still being engaging and challenging.

by Mikayla Jane (MJ)
(Sydney, NSW Australia )

As I said university something I can actually do about still fun and challenging. I love writing and organising but stuff. I'm a big fan of video games and I really want to be a YouTuber let's player/ comedy sketch artist when I'm older, or anything to do with video games in general (video game/ merch shop, or maybe even a character designer).

I use a lot of social media and I love researching and learning new things, and I like to think I follow instructions and learn quickly. I want something that requires a lot of focus but not long term as I tend to put it off until the last minute and get bored after a while. I like to think I'm pretty creative and spontaneous and interesting.

I want to do something to do with creating something not same old same old. Something new that no one has heard of before. I'm pretty adaptable though and only 13 so my interests tend to change every few months and I'm a completely different person depends what the situation is and who I'm talking to.

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