Indonesian translator

by Gadis Adinda Risywara
(Serang, Banten, Indonesia )

Hi, my name is Gadis, i came from Indonesia. I'm 13 years old. i can write in English and Indonesia. And i have like a lot online friends that helped me with my grammar and mine is actually pretty great. A lot of my friends at school said i have a good grammar in English. And i saw a lot of people that making a lot of money with just being a translator. So i am taking an opportunity to have a spare time job. It actually help me a lot if a have a job even if it just a spare time job. Because i can pay my own school, buy stuff that i wanted to buy with my own money, and saving for my college money. I have 2 younger brothers, so i think it must have been difficult for our parents to finance us. And i think i can ease the burden on my parents if i can make my own money. I really need a spare time job as an Indonesian translator to finance myself.
I think i explain enough about myself so thank you if you are reading this. I really appreciate it.

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