Journalism writing; revise and edit stories; book writing:

by MaKinsey
(Crosby, Texas, U.S. )

I am MaKinsey, and I absolutely adore writing! I feel myself, that writing honestly brings me to life. Writing is an inspiration itself. I have the desire each day to sit down and write about things. I write stories and I put into great detail, as well! I take time, I concentrate and I get into the story alone. I know where things go before I actually write it all down. I have to put myself in the story or article just to feel what I writing. I take it from another point of view which makes it even better! Music and movies are a huge impact on my writing skills. My writing skills hold great power, only by confidence and inspiration. At times I have the knotted days where I feel I have no thoughts and dry desserts do ideas. I then realize I am not stranded, for I just need to help myself get into the moment. The actions and the settings, they are what help you realize the moments of the story/ article. The points are well viewed within the lesson. There is always a lesson in a story. Always a theme to be seen and understood. Easily understood, but also challenging at times for those who love a good game. I love to write, it truly is my passion at heart! I adore writing.

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