Life advice, Photography & Online help

by Hameem Q.
(Toronto, ON, Canada)

I am Hameem an internet enthusiast. I had spent a lot of my childhood on the computer so I have come to understand it better than most. I have helped many people with their online issues such as the teachers at my school & my local community center. Both said that my method of teaching was Clear and easy to understand.

That being said I have a tendency to help people who need help with pretty much anything, and that's probably because I have a recognizable amount of knowledge in many subject areas. I have also given life advice to those who needed it.

The last skill of mine that I have to offer is my photography. Photography is a passion of mine and I'm rather good at it. I love capturing and preserving important moments in the photos that I take. I also know that sometimes simply taking a picture is not enough, sometimes you have to edit (Photoshop) the photo to bring out its full potential, well I can do that too. So if need someone to Photoshop pictures for you, I'm perfect for the job.

In conclusion the services that I have to offer: Help with the internet in general, Discussing life issue (Ex. Taking about problems in your life and how to overcome them), And Photoshopping your photos.

If you want to contact me, leave your email in the comments

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