Lifestyle and Dreams

by Carly Hendricks
(Chula Vista California )

This is what I look like:)

This is what I look like:)

My name is Carly Hendricks,im 13 years old in the 8th grade.I live in Chula Vista California and I am interested in having an online job.I thought about looking for jobs For my age because my mom needs extra cash.We have no car and we live in a 3 bedroom apartment.I am blessed to have a home but we still tend to struggle with Bills.Im doing this for My mom and I.We both have big dreams and pray and wish for things that we can't afford.The big dreams i have is to become a famous rapper,model,actress,and singer.But someday I know we Will have what we want.I will be willing to have any online job that can help My mom maybe buy a used car and or the things my mom wish for.I want her to be happy! I don't like to ask for too much or to go over board but it would be such a blessing if My mom and I made between $20,000-$70,000. I will be willing to do anything just to get that kind of money for my mom,or maybe even more!Which ever is fine,But hopefully this online job isn't a fake and would really respect and understand the struggle that my mom and I are having. Life is hard but you have to deal with some issues.

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