like doing things for offices

by Jasmine
(Los Angeles, CA )

I really want to help out offices because when I go to offices i see people stressed out. I think they need some extra help. I would love to work in anything rn. My family needs help with money and I don't do anything. I want to help them out and buy my own things. I want to be a responsible teenager. And make my parents happy for what I'm going to do and have a mind of mine and think about crazy things that I can make money with. I can make up and app do anything at this moment. I would love to work with people online and things I got everything I need for that I have an iPhone, MacBook Air, and an iPad. To help out my parents. And instead of watching Netflix and YouTube I should win money and have a job it doesn't matter if I'm 13. Btw my name is Jasmine and I'm 13.

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