by samuel matenga
(361 upper Wentworth )

Hey there my name is sam I just turned 13 I need money to

buy a new phone because my old one broke. So when we start school all my friends like to go out for lunch. They all got there money but I don't. So getting a job when your 13 is really hard because the government won't let you and you have to be live 16 to start working in a restaurant. Your parents are not going to give you 400 dollars every time you break your phone so now I want to get my own money. I really get hungry at lunch and I don't want to bring a lunch because it's not as good as walking and talking with you friends and the food taste better going to like pizza pizza or Tim Hortons or before school starts in the morning and it's cold you go to Tim Hortons and get some hot chocolate it's always fun for me.


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