mainly acting or a small businesses at the time

by Kaloni
(Agusta Goriga)



Well my name is Kaloni and I'm 13 years old.For the past four years I have been thinking a lot about my future till it's making me sick and tired and I'm not even doing anything I'm just thinking.

For the past decade I have been in student council,speech contest,and media club.I joined media because I knew that there would be a camera and I could talk,one of my favorite things to do.
The weird thing about me is every time I watch a movie I picture my self in it.Also every night I go to bed I make up an entire movie in my head as if I was the director.
Now let's cut to the chase I know that I'm a nice intelligent female in middle school writing to you all in the middle of summer just hoping ,forget about hoping wondering when I could show the world my acting skills and make a little girl or boy happy and help them achieve there dream.How am I suppose to do that if you all don't help me.Not only that what 13 year old girl looks up bodylauang and dos and dont's at an interview and do research on every actor and actress in America.If there are teens like me contact me so that we can work together and make a difference.
Let me end this of on a good note if you are looking for someone misterious,confident,and passionate.
I leave the other adgitives for you all to figure out and decribe. On the other hand only I can define myself and still trying to.
Hope you all enjoyed this.Now let me get back in to watching scientific fiction and doing more thinking as always bye.😉

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