Mainly surveys, if can't or other jobs pay higher, author, and salesman

by Vernell Johnson IV
(Olympia Fields, IL, U.S.A.)

I am looking for a survey job with good pay. I would be willing to work hard, but need cash in a check to my house. Furthemore I wouldn't mind a job as an ebook author, but I would need some kind of tutorial on how to make a book. I also could sell books, toys, games, crafts, lots of clothes, movies, and other things in relation with these items. Last if I had to I would accept the job as a party planner. I'm young and know what kids and teens like. If an adult needed help with finding a party theme, what music to play or what food to bring, then I'm your guy. Overall I have a very open mind of jobs to work in. I am 14 and as long as I get my check I would be willing to work.

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