20 Ways Kids (& You!) Can Make Money from Home

Is it possible to make money from home doing something you love to do? And grow it into a million dollar cash business right from your kitchen table?

Lillian Vernon was a young pregnant homemaker when she took some of her wedding gift money and began her catalog business on her kitchen table. Today that business is worth over $196 billion!

L.L. Bean did the same thing. So can you!

There is one hitch though - you have to use your imagination...and a little WORK!

The good news is: it's never been easier...or more affordable to make some extra money from a home business.

With literally BILLIONS of customers worldwide...on the INTERNET! Check out this quick way to make money from home online in your spare time... Are you constantly being told how beautiful your baby or child is? Or is your child a real "ham" in front of the video camera?

Children of all ages can make thousands of dollars a year modeling for print ads or acting in commercials. What a great way to start a college fund!

A good friend of mine's 8 year old son makes an average of $600 a DAY for modeling jobs! Get your child started in the profitable and fun career of modeling and acting...Read More HERE!

Do You Think You Can Make Money From Home With a BILLION Customers?

Did you know there are a billion people who own a computer and use the internet?

Now I have to confess...I'm probably the "Queen" of trying businesses that claim you can make money from home...


Electronic medical billing

Buying foreclosed homes

Flipping houses for profit

Buying and selling privately held mortgages

copywriting courses

and even garbage collection costs analysis!!

And I also have to admit that some I DID make some money on the electronic medical billing and buying and selling private mortgages.

But it was A LOT of work...with many rejections along the way!

That's why I was sooo excited when I found a report that tested 384 "Work From Home" and "online businesses" and discovered the simplest one for a monthly income of $5,685.12.


Of the 384 businesses that were tested, less than 2% made a decent income.

My dad used to always preach..."If it seems too good to be true - it probably is!"

Do you have an iPad yet? Get a FREE Apple iPad Here... Here's what Brenda Patterson has to say...

"I'm already making $85 dollars an hour!"

"I signed up for your system Saturday afternoon...placed a campaign online Saturday evening after watching a couple of your training videos.

I had to make some campaign adjustments on Sunday. Then I started getting clicks late Monday...and got my first sale of $80 dollars on Tuesday morning.

This was just 3 days after signing up! Thank you for everything! This system is the answer to my prayers!"

So if you want a simple way to start your own online business to start making money 24/7, this is hands down the best system.

And it even has a complete, 100% money back guarantee if it doesn't live up to its stellar reputation!

Here Is How My Own Kids are Making Money From Home...

My oldest daughter Rachel (18) launched her own business of riding and exercising other people's horses (which she would do for FREE anyway!) and cleans condominium building hallways.

Plus, she works at Subway about 10 hours a week.

This summer, she's going to be a nanny for 3 chilren 4 days a week.

Busy lady!

She also averages $500 a month online HERE Plus, she gets paid up to $75 for every survey she completes online HERE... Tony (16) is raking in the cash mowing lawns in the summer and shoveling snow in the winter. Plus, he works part-time at McDonalds around his hectic sports (football, basketball, & tennis) schedule.

But recently, he started making easy money in his spare time using his cell phone...check it out Here Matthew, my 14 year old, makes money cleaning the hallways for a commercial condominium, mowing our lawn, and repairing XBox 360s in his spare time. He makes on average $50 in profit...in just under an hour.

Take this quick survey to qualify for a Free XBox 360... And Maria, my youngest (12) babysits one night a week and has her own dog sitting business.

She did a great job training our new puppy Blaze and has lots of fun playing with dogs of all sizes!

She also has her own online pet supply store...for all those dog training tricks!

Did you know that 7 out of every 10 households have a pet?

And pet owners spend an average of $150 dollars every month on their precious pets!

Heck, I spend almost that on dog food alone for our two dogs!

Kids really get a kick out of having their own website or blog.

And they get even more excited if they make a little money!

The most important lessons my kids are learning is how to make some extra cash, have fun, and reap the rewards of a little hard work.

Plus, they're getting into the habit of earning, saving, investing, and sharing their OWN money.


Here are 10 profitable jobs for 14 year olds to make some extra cash from home...

My dad used to always tell me when I was growing up that 0+0+0=0!

What he meant was that if you don't go to work every day...you don't make any money.

The key to success with a home business is to work smarter - not harder. But that doesn't mean it shouldn't be FUN right?

Remember, 80% of all millionaires have their own business.

Right now, with a little ambition, you and your kids can easily make money from home - maybe even enough money to take that trip to Walt Disney World!

And who knows? You might be asking your kids (the banker) for a loan some day!

So let's get started right away and make money from home...

Take a peek at my #1 BEST RATED online job for kids...

20 Ways Kids Can Earn Money That Takes Little or No Cash to Start:

1) Rent-a-Kid

Here's a chance for younger kids to make money from home...and also be a good Samaritan!

There may be people in your church or neighborhood who need odd jobs done such as raking leaves, sweeping sidewalks, or even picking up doogie doings in the yard!

An easy way to advertise is to make up a catchy business card for your kids to hand out - something like:


Need Help Getting Things Done? Call ___________(your name)

No Job Too Big or Too Small For a (fill in your age)

2) Mail Service or Watering Plants

Just watch the money flood your bank account with this way to make money from home!

When people travel, they need someone to pick up their mail and papers, or water their house plants.

Make up a cute card with a picture of a runner and a clever saying like:

“Going Away? Tony will save the day! Let me collect your papers and mail.”


"Going Away? Let Rachel Water your plants every day!"

If you charge your neighbors only $1 per day for a job that should take no longer than ten minutes, you're earning $6 per hour!

That's excellent money for a 7 to 10 year old!

Once word gets out about your reliability in this important task, you could be making $12 per week with only two customers!

3) Pet Minders

In England they call baby-sitters "child minders." You could become a “pet minder” because people are always looking for someone dependable to care for their precious pets when they go on vacation...and are willing to pay BIG money.

If you like animals, then you'll love this job to make money from home!

My daughter's best friend even makes money from home "minding" pets at her house. This way she can have several pets at a time - providing they get along!

You could also advertise to be a Pet Exerciser. My daughter offers to regularly exercise horses for time pressed owners.

Pass Out Flyers to let friends, relatives, and neighbors know about your service and how to contact you.

Another great source for advertising is your workplace newsletter.

But before accepting a job, visit the pet. If "Fido" seems hard to manage or just doesn't like you - then politely decline the job.

It's always best to discuss your pay before your job ever begins. Call several local kennels and find out what the going daily rate is to board an animal in those places. You should charge anywhere from 1/3 to ½ of those rates.

Be sure to let your customer know how your rate compares to the local kennels...and the bargain you're offering!

4) Baby-sitting Service

This is one of the most popular jobs for young guys and girls for making money from home.

The best place to start is with a Red Cross Baby-sitting Course. To find the nearest course just go to the red cross website It's hard for most parents to find reliable baby-sitters who will play board games, go on walks or trips to the park, or go sledding or bike riding, instead of parking the kids in front of the television, computer, or playstation.

You'll earn more money and your phone will be ringing off the hook if you clean up after the kids, get them to bed on time, and stay off the phone and MSN!

Set your own fees and schedule, charging an hourly rate, based on the number of children. For night owls, charge more money per hour for every hour after 10:00 p.m., 11:00 p.m., and midnight. And charge a premium fee for New Year's Eve!

5) Mama's Helper

This is an ideal way to make money from home for your soon-to-be-old-enough-babysitters. It also provides excellent experience while getting paid to play!

Make up colorful flyers so they'll stand out and you'll be remembered. Be sure to advertise that you will play with the children, tell stories, and play board games.

You may even want to advertise some quiet activities in case your employer wants the kids quiet in the family room while she has a meeting in the dining room!

Bring along some toys, movies, dress-up items, or craft items. Little kids love something new, and that old toy in the back of your closet may keep your little buddy busy for a long time.

6) Lawn Service

Your kids can make money from home...and also from their neighbor's home!

When most kids think of earning money in the summer, one of the first things they think about is mowing lawns.

While this can be a cool source of money, it can also be dangerous if you're not careful. My nephew started a fire in the lawnmower because he added more gas when the engine was too hot. Scary!

The best advertising is a job well done. Then you'll get repeat business...more money...and probably more referrals than you can handle.

Print flyers and business cards and pass them out to people you know--especially your neighbors. Carry some of these cards with you and hand them out, on the spot, when you see a potential opportunity.

Don't forget to consider doing "edge and trim" jobs. Walk around your neighborhood and look for lawns that are mowed but not edged and then ask for the work.

7) Shovel Snow

If you live in Wisconsin or Minnesota like we do...you can make A LOT of money shoveling sidewalks!

Let your potential customers know that you are in the snow business BEFORE the first snowfall.

Advertise your services and your prices. Decide how much you'll charge for small, medium, and large driveways - and small, medium, and large sidewalks and steps. And charge extra money for spreading a little salt or sand.

If you do a good job for your first few customers, ask for a referral. This will make your business just about perfect!

8) Gift Wrapping Service

I remember wrapping all my dad's Christmas presents every year for a small fee. Busy or creatively challenged people (dads especially) need help in this area, and you could provide a useful service.

This is one of the best ways for 6 to 10 year olds to make money from home...right from their bedroom!

Make sure to have plenty of beautiful wrapping paper, or make your own with white butcher paper or brown grocery store bags.

Grocery bags stamped with red designs, wrapped with raffia ties, and decorated with fresh cranberries can be very pretty.

Be sure to get plenty of tape and bows, too.

Wrap several empty boxes as samples to show customers. Be creative with your decorations by tying on cookie cutters, small toys, or other items that look interesting.

9) Wallpapering, sponging, or hand stamping

Some college friends of mine made A LOT of money wallpapering in between classes! Time-strapped homeowners who want to spruce up their rooms without spending a fortune are perfect customers.

Hand out flyers and post your services on bulletin boards.

10) Tutoring

Here's from-home work that pays big dividends in satisfaction. Not only do you earn money for helping someone learn, you have the pleasure of giving that person a lifelong gift.

And you make money from home with pride!

And the pay is fantastic - $5-$20 per hour! (Depending on your age and experience.)

11) Herb gardener and seller

Plant a garden and make money from home in your own backyard!

Herbs are the one plant that almost thrive on neglect. Overfertilizing or overwatering will make them not as tasty.

People buy herbs for both medicinal purposes as well as food seasoning.

You only need some containers or a small plot of land, a few packets of seeds, and some creativity on selling.

Herb gardens are popular places for week-end gardeners to visit. Why not set up an herb tea garden and serve herb teas and pastries?

12) Gourmet Vegetable Grower

Another garden providing you the opportunity of making money from home out of dirt!

Every year I go through the seed catalog and pick out the "funkiest" vegetables I can find. One year I grew Israeli watermelons for their perfume fragrance...French Carmello tomatoes, blue potatoes, colorful swiss chard, and "lady-finger" eggplants to grow and sell.

Restaurants and your local supermarkets are always on the look out for the next tasty fad!

13) Housecleaning

Well, maybe this isn't exactly making money from home...but darn close!

You probably have all the skills and elbow grease you'll need to clean houses. My niece supplements her waitressing job cleaning houses while going to college.

14) Animal Breeding

Make money from home with your treasured animals!

People are going crazy over exotic animals and pets these days. Why not take advantage if you're an animal lover, patient, and caring?

It only takes a couple of good animals. Rachel, my oldest daughter, bred pearl colored cockatiels for a couple years. Here are some more ideas for pet related businesses 15) Candle-making

Make money from home right on your kitchen table...like Lillian Vernon did!

Let your imagination run wild with this idea! Everyone loves the ambiance and allure of candles...and don't forget to add relaxing scents such as lavendar or green tea!

Advertise your creations on community bulletin boards or head to a craft fair.

16) Birthday Party Organizer

All you need to make money from home is good organization skills!

Lots of people would be happy to pay for this! Be creative and budget minded and you'll have more clients than you can handle.

17) Carpet Cleaning

Make money from home by cleaning other peoples' carpets in your spare time!

Carpet cleaning is not complicated. All you need is a carpet cleaning machine of some kind or rent one. This is a great evening or week-end business.

18) Computer Tutoring

Your computer will help you make money from home...

Are you a whiz with computers? You can be an "angel" helping computer illiterate people with basic computer skills such as email, word processing, surfing the net, etc.

People 50 to 65 especially need assistance. And you don't have to be a computer "geek" either... Have your computer savvy kids check out these 2 TOP ways to make money from home online Or how would your 18+ teen like to make money from home playing video games?

The video game industry is a $50 billion dollar industry.

It's leaving the movie industry in the DUST!

Companies are looking for people to test their new video games...and are willing to pay handsomely!

So which companies are hiring? Check out this website with more than 50 companies hiring RIGHT NOW... If you like playing video games, Here's how you can get a FREE Xbox 360... 19) Cake making and decorating

Make money from home baking until your heart's content!

Kids birthday parties, baby showers, first communions, and weddings are occasions that demand very special cakes.

Have the kids bake a cake, take some pictures, or better yet, give out sweet samples! Petite Fleur de Lis cakes are especially popular now for special events.

Don't forget to add pretty crystalized flowers or edible real flowers for decorations.

20) Event Planning

Make money from home planning, planning, planning for BIG BUCKS!

You name it - you can plan it! From graduations, wedding anniversaries, fundraising events, church gatherings, sweet 16 birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, corporate lunches, etc.

This is one of the most lucrative ways to make money from home. Start small...and don't underestimate your kids ability. You can make WADS of money if you're organized and budget minded.

2 REAL Jobs That You Can Make Money From Home:

1) Online Auctions:

A few years ago, my friend's sister started making money from home selling items she otherwise would have put in a garage sale.

Last year, she cleared over $10,000 ---not bad money for part-time fun squeezed in between her three kids activities.

She's now expanded into scouring garage sales for treasures and auctioning them off for a profit. And her kids help out for easy money!

But she warns to go slowly and make sure you're honest with descriptions and to ship promptly to keep customers happy - and coming back for more! This means more money in the long run.

Also be careful to stay organized because listing costs, commissions, and buyer's that don't pay can eat away at profits.

2) Mystery Shopping:

What a dream come true...to get PAID to shop! Mystery shopping has been around for a long time for making money, but the internet makes finding them easier.

Mystery shoppers typically are paid 5 to $100 cash per assignment to pose as an average customer and critique a store or service.

And your kids can come along with as you get paid to shop...or if they're 18 or older...they can be a mystery shopper too!

It's common to be paid with cash as well as freebies, from free laundry detergent to free diapers in exchange for opinions or surveys.

Diligent Mystery Shoppers can make as much money as 6,000 a year in cash, plus ree goods and services worth $3,000 to $4,000.

Some Internet-based Mystery-Shopping Services For Easy Money Include:

A Closer Look

Corporate Research International Mystery Shops

Mystery Guest Inc.

Service Intelligence Secret ShopNet You can also apply to mystery shopping companies in your area as well. Here is more information on making money mystery shopping... You'd be surprised at how many local companies need shoppers...for some FUN extra cash...or substantial second income.

Mystery shopping is a new experience for me.

I was curious...so I signed up.

Next week will be my very first mystery shopping assignment!

I'm going to get an eye exam, which I desperately need, and will be paid $120 bucks!

Not bad. Taking paid surveys is another opportunity to make money from home.

OR...Make Money From Home By Telecommuting:

Jobs best suited to make money from home telecommuting have these things in common:

1) Do not require much face-to-face interaction

2) Telephones and computers are the key tools used for the job

3) Employee performance can be easily measured

4) Do not require access to materials at the central workplace

Here is a Sample List of Jobs that Are Best Suited for Making Money Telecommuting:




Advertising Copywriter

Bank Officer



Customer Service Representative

Database Administrator


Free-lance Writer

Fund Raiser

Legal Assistant


Purchasing Agent


Social Worker



Travel Agent

Urban Planner

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