Discover 2 TOP Unique Ways to Make Money Online For Kids (or YOURSELF!)...While You Sleep!

After tons of digging, I've discovered 2 unique ways to make money online...that ALL kids should know about!

And why?

Because it's insanely easy...and a BLAST to do! Check out this quick way to make money online in your spare time...

If your kids spend any time on the computer...then why not have them...

1) Write an E-Book on something they love to taking care of cats, horse showing, computer games, or golf, etc.?

It's easier than you think...and amazingly PROFITABLE!

I'm writing a couple of ebooks myself as we stay tuned! Here's how to write an ebook in 7 days or less... And don't forget to sign up for my FREE monthly ezine -

You'll find tons of ideas on...

Home businesses you and the kids can start on a budget...

Random acts of tithing...

Kid-friendly Financial Terms...

& Cheap Family Fun...


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But how do you know if your kids unique interests are Profitable...and will make money online?


Have your kids do some research online for unique "hot topics...

Here are some examples of some niche topics that people are making money online with right now...

magic tricks...


kid birthday parties...

dog puppets...

dog beds...

horse massage therapy...

container gardening...

organic foods...

kids games...


A really hot niche topic to make money online is any business dealing with pets If your kids love dogs or puppies, check out these ideas to make money online or at home Even better, have someone else do the dirty work... here's where you can find profitable niches to make money online Ever hear of youtube or myspace? Both of these websites make money online in the BILLIONS!

And both were started by young, college age guys!

The real key to making money online is if the website is...


Easy to Use...

Open to all...


Is a way for people to connect with each other...

Then you'll make money online hand over fist!

Second Unique Way to Make Money Online for Kids...

2) Make money online with E-Bay

Did you know that 80% of Americans use E-bay to make money online as their PRIMARY source of income? It's true.

My 14 year old son Tony makes money online trading Samauri swords on E-bay.

Rachel, my oldest, started her own "horse sitting" service - but she could expand her business and profits and make money online by being on the web.

So be sure to teach your kids these 2 unique ways to make money online...and they just might be able to pay for their own college tuition!

But what if your kids aren't quite old enough to master making money online using the computer...

Any Other Ways to Make Money for Kids?


Besides making money online...

Here are more unique ways to make money by age group...I call them "Optional" Refrigerator Chores for quick cash around the house:

Kids 5-7 and Up

Water Plants, Pick up litter or small sticks in yard, Organize movies or books on shelf, Shine shoes

These are quick ways to make money for young kids anxious to please!

Kids 8-10 and Up

Wash Cars, Vacuum Car, Sweep garage, patio, or driveway, Pull weeds

More ways to earn money for your budding millionaire...

Kids 11-13 and Up

Mow lawn, Give dogs baths, Wash windows, Scour tubs or showers,Clean refrigerator

The list of unique ways to earn money keeps growing...

Kids 14 and up

Shovel, Rake, Weed vegetable garden, Paint, Light handyman work,Trim hedges, Clean gutters, Do lawn-edging, Baking birthday cakes, cookies, brownies, etc.

Encourage these ways to earn money to your kids so you can...


One of the fringe benefits of having some extra chores done by your kids is can take a well deserved break!

So sit back...let your kids handle a little more responsibility, take pride in their work, earn a little extra money, add to their savings, and keep following the steps to millions.


Here are some unique kid-friendly ways to earn money with entrepreneurial businesses...and Marketing Tips too!

Ye Olde Lemonade Stand:

Use homemade recipe, display fresh lemons on counter, use extra-large colorful plastic cups, and sell near parades, church letting out, charity race, baseball tournaments, beaches, or other social event

This is by far the most popular way to earn money for kids...I remember selling lemonade for a dime!

Garage Sales:

Advertise your best specific items (bicycles, Playstation and games, VCRs) on flyers in neighborhood, and if you have toys to sell, advertise those in flyers near the local schoolyard: have colorful balloons tied to your mailbox to make your house easy to spot

Warning:This may not be the best way to earn kids and I made a lousy $15 at one of our garage sales!!

Selling homemade baked goods:

Take custom orders, hand out mini recipe books with each order: set up this and the lemonade stand when you have a garage sale

Walking dogs for neighbors:

Offer this service to older neighbors and single people who work long hours and can’t always get home to take care of their dogs during the day

This is a growing way to make some quick cash for your pet lover!! Or start a website to make money online too!

Recycling Cans:

Save all your cans and bring to recycling center once every two weeks or so: also ask neighbors if you can take cans from their recycle bins they put on the curb

Fresh Vegetable Stand:

Grow your own tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, and sweet corn and set up a stand with clear prices at the end of your driveway with colorful balloons attached. You could also sell at the local farmers market. Put up flyers at churches and grocery stores.

If you grow organic vegetables - even better! Be sure to start a mini-website to cash in on making money online as well.

Delivering papers and flyers:

Go to local Pennysaver office, and offer services: also go to restaurants, real estate agencies and other local businesses that may from time to time want to advertise their businesses with flyers in the neighborhood

My mom used this way to earn money for 10 years delivering the Pioneer Press in St. Paul, Minnesota!

Stuffing envelopes, and applying postage (letter shopping):

Many small businesses need to do mailings of 100 to 200 people or so. They may send out a newsletter, sales offer or business update to clients. Draw up a flyer describing the services you offer and distribute it to all local businesses.

Selling sodas and bottled water at beach or park:

Make sure you have plenty of diet soda; have a big cooler with ice nearby (maybe in the car, or with a friend or sibling watching it); then walk the beach with a knapsack with the beverages and dry ice inside

Washing Cars:

Pass flyers out in neighborhood and offer to wash people’s cars in their own driveway. Offer vacuuming as well; Pass out flyers out at office buildings and offer to wash people’s cars while they’re at work.

Taking care of pets, taking in mail and watering plants for people while they’re away:

Drop off stacks of flyers at local travel agencies; also pass them around the neighborhood.

Website Designer:

If your teen is at all computer savvy, this is a very lucrative, unique way to earn money, and valuable experience. You can easily charge $15-$20 per hour and purchase inexpensive software that makes designing websites a breeze.

Shining shoes:

Offer services in office buildings on a regular basis - once or twice a week during the summer, or even on Saturday mornings during the school year for offices, like banks, that are open then.

My husband pays our kids $2 a pop to polish his shoes once a week!

Retrieving, restoring and reselling golf balls:

Most golf courses are closed one day a week for maintenance. Ask head groundskeeper if you can patrol the fairways for balls. Offer to rake the sand traps in return.

Cleaning Service:

Most apartment buildings in small towns are owned by individuals and need the hallways vacuumed, tile washed, and occasional dusting.

Find out the owners of nearby buildings at the local courthouse and send a letter offering your services for a profitable way to earn money.

We hire our fifteen year old daughter to do light vacuuming and dusting, and our twelve year old son to shovel the sidewalks for an apartment building we own.

As you can see, your kids have plenty of ways to earn money from allowance, extra paid chores, monetary gifts, and from their own entrepreneurial businesses at very young ages.

The first step for your kids to become millionaires is to earn an income...even at two years old! And keep going.

And take advantage of the BILLIONS of potential customers on the web for you and YOUR kids to make money online!


P.S. Be sure to sign up for my monthly newsletter for some money making ideas and investment tips in your inbox. Let's make some money!!

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