makeup, art, writing articles

by Samantha Baker
(Toronto Ontario Canada)

The type of online jobs I would want would be working with makeup, art, and writing articles. If I were to work with makeup I would want to give advice on makeup like how to apply it or tips and tricks like what and what not to do with makeup on a blog of some sorts. If I were to work with art I could create art and sell it online or make sticks or drawings for people to download, If I were to write articles online I could be the writer for a blog or website and write articles about whatever is assigned for me to write i could do research for the articles and I could even do interviews with people in my neighborhood, Those are the types of online jobs I would want and why I would want them.

I think I am a good candidate for anything of those previous jobs because although I can't give you physical evidence u can take my word that I am a very good student. I get good grades, and I always hand in my assignments and I am also a part of student council I was voted in by my peers because I knew what was best for my school and I keep my word, I am also very nice and would be great with customer support. I also got voted into student council from my teachers because they two believed I was capable of such a job and them two knew I am very responsible and would be a great representative of our school.

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