Making facebook and twitter accounts

by Kyla Murphy
(Detroit, MI)

Hi my name is Kyla Murphy and I am reapplying for this website because now money is getting real tight for my family and I also want to help out. My dad isn't in my life. He sends money but not enough for gas and money for boots in the winter time. I love my dad to death.

I will be so greatful if my application gets accepted. I want new things for my self and also to help out. My mother is single but she goes to school for her education she couldnt get while she was my age. I want to learn how life is going to be when I grow up. so im taking it further. I will be the first sucseesful person in my family because I know that I can be the first African American female president and make history.

Just remember that my name is Kyla and this Kyla that I know will rise to be the next president because you can do what ever you set your mind to and this has been
Kyla Murphy

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