Making music, beats, remixes, ect

by Taylor

I am Taylor g. I'm 13 and I don't do much. I barely go to school but I am going to fix that when I get in grade 8. I feel like I don't do much around my house and when ever I do my mom yells at me for doing it wrong. I just started making music and stuff using GarageBand. I started to learn about it in my elementary school. I was kinda good at it, I wouldn't say I'm the best. And living in a house with 6 people, 3 cats, 2 dogs, 2 snakes, and about 8 (and soon to be more) mice, I don't get a lot of peace and quite I guess. So I don't make my own music that much. But if a job like that can't be available then I'm totally fine with a different job, anything will work for me. And my mom doesn't know anything about me applying for this job. I was gonna make a big surprise for her and take her out for supper since she always makes me food and it just doesn't seem fair to me. That's all I think, just gmail me if you have un-answerd questions you want to ask me. Byee

And sorry for being so... Forward? I'm just like that, I'm not like those girls who brag about being in a fancy school or has high education. I'm probably NOT gonna get this job (or any other job). But atleast I tried, win some you lose some..

You can gmail me at or text me on Facebook at Taylor Gyle.. That's all folks!

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