Is There A Trick To Raising Future Millionaire Kids?

How to Raise Successful, Self-Made Millionaire Kids...So They'll Never Be Broke...Even If They Never Make More Than $35,000 a Year!

Dear Parents,

When I was ten years old, I saved up $3,410 dollars from my babysitting job for my piano teacher every day after school.

Enough to fly to Tahiti and back – a couple times!

At 16 years old, I bought my very first brand new black Renault car – for cash. But it took me a couple weeks to master the touchy stick shift!

And shortly after my 18th birthday, I bought my first home near the University of Minnesota where I was attending college for commercial economics.

I turned the basement into an efficiency apartment and rented out the rest of the house to roommates who paid for my mortgage payment, taxes, and insurance.

Then, when I graduated from college four years later, I sold the house and used the profits to pay off my college loans.

So I graduated from college completely debt free.

Not bad for a college kid, eh?

Now, you might be thinking...”Sure, her parents are probably loaded and was born with a silver spoon in her mouth!”

Far from it.

My dad was a high school drop-out and had his own little painting and taping business. My mom was a secretary for the St. Paul Fire chief for 38 years before retiring at the age of 52.

So I'm a lot like you – an average, hard-working, concerned mom.

You see, my parents never made a huge salary. And neither of them had a college degree either.

So Why Am I Writing You?

Now that I'm married and a mother myself of 4 wonderful kids...

Rachel (18), Tony (16), Matthew (14), and Maria (12)

Naturally, I want to pass on the same smart money habits my parents so carefully taught me.

So I asked my 74 year old, spit fire dad to help me write an easy-to-follow guide for parents of toddlers to teens.

And boy, did he take the bull by the horns! I've never written a book so quickly in my LIFE!

I have to admit though, my dad has just a touch of obsessive compulsiveness! Once he starts something, he eats, drinks, and sleeps it until it's finished!

So my dad and I have put together the best darn guide for you on step-be-step, practical ways to teach your kids the value of a buck and how to methodically grow their money.

No matter how old they are. Or how much money they make in their chosen career.

You see, it doesn't matter how much money you make - what matters is how much money you manage to keep!

Even though my mom and dad's combined income was less than $43,000...

They were still able to save a portion and watch it grow to over a million dollars!

Your kids can do the same.

You can be sure this guide for parents of tots to teens is stuffed full of helpful advice and humorous stories about how my dear old dad hammered me with these steps to millions while growing up.

Talk about being a drill sergeant!

And now I'm "hammering" my own kids...and it's working.

All 4 Of My Own Kids...

Earn their own money every month from either a part-time job, running their own business, or from doing extra chores around the house...

Save and invest a portion of their earnings religiously...

Share their blessings (yes, that means giving!) with others...

Budget their money (better than most accountants I know!)

Amazed friends and family are constantly asking me...

What's Your Secret?

The secret is You. Concerned parents.

You are your kids first and most important teacher!

Schools do not teach kids how to manage money. Their job is to prepare your kids to get a be an employee.

Not to learn how to manage their paycheck!

Teaching your kids about money really boils down to...




In order to learn anything worthwhile, like a foreign language, a musical instrument, or playing soccer...

You have to learn new skills, make it a habit, and practice A LOT!

Well, handling money wisely is no different.

Teaching your kids smart money habits is more critical than ever because...

All Heck Is Breaking Loose

There's no doubt about it. We're in one of the worst recessions since the Great Depression.

People in the United States are losing their jobs, their homes, and their life savings because of the sinking economy.

Although the government is pumping massive amounts of cash into the economy, it's not going to get much better very soon.

And the rest of the world, including China, is suffering as well.

That's why it's more important than ever for you to teach your kids financial self defense with their money.

Otherwise they may struggle with living paycheck to paycheck...(if they're lucky enough to have a job)

Not be able to make their rent or mortgage payment(and have to move back in with you as an adult)...

Or dig themselves so far into a debt hole that it will take years to crawl out of.

Our kids are going to be facing some of the toughest economic times in our history.

The rules of money have changed.

Your kids need to be equipped to handle whatever curve ball comes their way.

Being careless with their hard earned money is NOT an option if they want to survive...and succeed.

But with the right habits and skills, your kids can not only live comfortably, but they can become millionaires by the tender age of 38.

And not ever be stressed or worried about money.

My dad believed that talking to me about money was just as important as...

Talking To Me About the Birds N the Bees!

Well, almost!

But because my dad took on the responsibility of teaching me the foundation of money, I've been able to...

Be a stay-at-home mom to my four precious babies...

Take memorable family trips with our kids to Europe, Asia, and even Israel...

Volunteer my time at school, church, and in our local community...

Start my own business from the comfort of my own home...

Plant a vineyard to make my own label of ice wine for hopefully my daughters' wedding some day!

You can raise your kids to have the same financial freedom.

I truly believe that I wouldn't be half as happy...or I am today if my parents (especially my feisty dad) hadn't taught me to control money.

Instead of money controlling me.

Now I'm doing the same for my own children. And so can you.

My dad always told me...

"You Can Learn Everything There Is To Know About Money From Me!"

"Instead of in some stuffy college!"

Sandy Smith - 74 Years Young

Yep, my dad is a proud old codger!

If You Have Questions About...

Should I give my kids an allowance?

How much?

Should it be based on household chores?

What if they don't do the chores?

Should your kids get a part-time job?

Or is their job to get good grades?

Then this down-to-earth, practical guide will give you step-by-step ways to teach your kids how to handle money.

I'll even have my dear old dad answer anything we haven't covered if you get stuck! (Just contact me below)

Just be prepared for a "lecture" from a very blunt grandpa!

As your kids discover (with a little coaching from you!) that money doesn't grow on trees, they'll learn to:

Earn their own money (instead of asking for hand-outs from the bank of Mom and Dad)

Save money (for all those "wants" and "I waaaant it nows!" that rear their ugly head)

Give (Your kids can become a kinder, gentler cookie monster!)

Budget (how to s-t-r-e-t-c-h those cents!)


Live On Their Own (your job as a parent is to work yourself OUT of a job, right?!)


What's It Gonna Cost You?

Not much.

Less than the cost of lunch at my favorite restaurant, Applebees. (Hey, the kids and I just can't resist those spicy boneless buffalo wings!)

So $18.95 is what my dad and I decided.

We wanted to make sure that just about any parent of toddlers to teens could get their hands on this RED HOT guide to lead your kids by the hand to millionaire status.

I guarantee this guide is worth it's weight in gold.

Can you really put a price on making sure you're kids are financially secure? When you're no longer around to pick up the pieces?

But wait...

Could Your 13 Year Old Use An Extra $50 Dollars a Week?

Then you're in LUCK!

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And best of all, some could be implemented tomorrow.

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Wendy Young

Homeschooling mom to 4 children aged 7 - 14

So What Types of Jobs for 13 Year Olds Will Your Find in This Ebook?

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13 Quick Holiday Cash - Tis Always the Season to Make Money!

For a total of 51 unique ways to make money to choose from.

PLUS, you'll also find:

Secret Marketing & Advertising Tactics the pros use to get a flood of business

Catchy Examples of Business Cards & Flyers

How to price your services for the highest profit

Free or inexpensive resources to use

Stories of Real Life Tweenpreneurs

Inspirational Quotes for Teens

And lots more!

So what are you waiting for?

Download your own copy of Millionaire Kids Broke Kids, plus your free 51 jobs for 13 year olds and within minutes you'll be helping to launch your kids to millionaire...instead of broke...heaven!

Plus, you'll have piece of mind knowing your kids are learning the most valuable skill there is - how to make and manage their own money!

Please note you need Adobe Reader to be able to download and use this e-book.

YES, My Kids Are Ready to Follow the Millionaire (Instead of the Broke) Path and Start Making $50 Dollars a Week With His Very Own Business!

You'll thank me for making this one time investment which will guide your kids step-by-step to financial freedom. You'll use it again and again!

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So don't your kids master the habits of a millionaire and get started making $50 dollars a week or more... automatically... with their own business right NOW!

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