by Lexie
(Makati City,Philippines)

HI!,I'm 13 years old and only about 4"5'.I know that's not what modelling agencies like,they're mostly into 5"7' of height.I'm pretty curvy and not too slim.I pretty much always wanted to be a model even though I don't have the height nor "perfect" face - I'm actually just one of those "normal kid next door" kind - I have acne but they aren't visible or noticeable,but they're there.I'm kind and just love to make everyone happy.

I live in the Philippines.I don't usually wear make up,but I do when there's an occasion to go to,like weddings and such,and to be honest I'm not really good at it.....all I know is putting on mascara and the rest goes to my sister's own hands (she's a pro at it).I don't really like to wear clothes that shows too much skin,but a crop top,some shorts and skirt are the only clothes I wear for a little "exposing skin" type .I love travelling....and I can take whatever risk it takes.


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