LAZY Man's Way to DOUBLING Your CASH...With the Best Money Market Accounts

How would you like to DOUBLE your cash in one of the TOP 5 Money Market accounts?

If you're sick and tired of measly 1 to 2% interest rates on your're not alone.

That's why I've done all the research for you and discovered the best rates...even with $1 minimum balances!

And now my kids money is growing faster too!

Money market accounts are almost exactly the same as savings accounts...except they command much higher interest rates.

And they're insured by the FDIC for up to $100,000 per you can sleep at night and not worry about your hard earned money disappearing.

And they're PERFECT for your kids.

Each of my 4 kids has their own account (held jointly in my name also) for their savings.

Many parents don't realize that these accounts are available with minimum balances as low as $1!

So why not take advantage of the higher interest rates...after all, you deserve it, right?

Here Are the Current TOP 5 Money Market Accounts With Low Minimums:

1) Union Federal Bank Money Market Accounts

2) Apple Bank

3) GMAC Bank

4) KeyDirect

5) Corus Bank

Union Federal Bank has an amazing minimum balance of $1 and 5.14% interest!

Apple Bank also has a $1 minimum balance at 5.12%...GMAC Bank has a little higher minimum balance of $500 at 5.12%...Keydirect and Corus Bank also have $1 minimum balance and interest rates of 5.12% and 4.98%.

You can also talk to your local banker and ask them to match the top rate.

Most banks are more than willing to match competitors rates to get your business.

Your kids will be early, lifelong customers!

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