My name is Johnna Hunter pick me

by johnna
(illinois,zion )

My name is Johnna Hunter im not 14 years old im3 I have been going on google and bing to find jobs for me and then I find you guys so the jobs im looking for are.

online surveys: I want this job because its easy and gets money quickly without having to do so much moving and stuff and it pays good money

another job is

babysitting: I have had a lot of experiences with babies and how to take care of them and how to make them happy and have fun I want this job because I like kids they are fun and cool to hang out with and they remind me of my kid years and how I use to act when I was young.

another job is

babysitting dogs/walking dogs; I have had over like 20cdogs when I was little I would train them to walk on a leash, sit, and potty trained them to not use the bathroom outside not in the house I want this job because I love animals and its a way to make good money doing something you love while getting paid is great for me.

another job is

tutor: I like to help little kids I would always be happy to walk around the class and help people with their work because they didn't get and I did great with explaining it to them and I would go out my class and help little kids in kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd grade, and more to help them understand their work to it was fun and if I do and get money im excited and others words I wouldn't be able to explain how happy I would be.

another job is

shoveling snow/mow peoples lawns: I have done this a lot to just for fun and money its not hard to do for me.

another job is

writing articles about things: im good at just writing things that pop out of my mind I don't why but every time I have to write a paragraph I write more then it I always will write 1 to 2 pages of things that interest me a lot and if I have to just write what is on my mind or something you tell me to write for money I would do it because its fun, easy, and makes money.

I love jobs that are fun and I need money I am 13 years old and I need to start taking my own responsibility now that I am getting older my name is Johnna and I am want a job and I am willing to put my effort in this.

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