my teen job wanted is either to do clothes endorsement, creating, modeling, acting assistance, designing, makeup or art

by racquel henry
(miramar florida united states of America)

Hi my name is racquel henry im 15 year old. I find it hard to see what I want and cant get it, because I dont have the money, seeing my mom struggling with bills gave me a second guess on not asking her for money just looking at her situation it seem very difficult to ask beside I already know the answer but I would like a job in my interest like designing, Acting, endorsing, modeling, acting assistat, or even in art im actually a pretty good artist well I just started and I have bin getting good rate for my art. For modeling and endorsement im pretty good at convincing and telling people where I buy my clothes because I seem to get that question alot and for modeling even though im not tall enough to I use to take photoshoots in jamaica for clothing store like boutique I co operate good with people we all like respect so why not give it I have some really good pose for the camera since I enjoy being infront of cameras thats why I want to be actress doing something you like is like never working a day in yourlife and at last for designing omg I have bin designing clothes since I was very young around 6 when my father left my mom I start drawing clothes and showing people and they always fall in love with my design. I would always make my clothes and wear them. I also want to create my own business app and products and I got good ideas. if you would willing to help me send me a email at thank you!

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