Mystery Shopping May Not Put a Million Bucks In Your Pocket...But You'll Have FUN Getting Paid to Shop!

How would you like to get paid to go out to eat?

If so, then Welcome to the world of mystery shopping.

Another Bonus you should know...

If you have teenagers 18 years old or older...they can also get PAID to shop, eat out, go to the movies, or even go to an amusement park.

And A little later, I'll share with you how you could get paid to go on a cruise...for FREE!

Can you just see yourself sipping that tall, cool Bahama Mama?

Mystery shopping is one of the easiest ways for young college kids to make extra money, add to their growing savings/investment account...

and treat themselves to pizza and a movie!

When I told my 16 year old daughter, Rachel about this...I could almost see her foaming at the mouth!

She can't wait until she's 18 to shop til she drops...and get paid for it too!

What a dream come true...

have some fun...

make some extra cash...

and set your OWN shopping schedule.

And of course, so can YOU.

So let's get started right away getting PAID to shop in your spare time!

Mystery Shopping Companies:

It can be overwhelming to sort through the hundreds of companies and pick ones to apply to.

And, it's difficult to know which companies serve your area.

That's why I've done all the hard work of research for you!

Here are some useful websites with hundreds of companies listed.

Other websites charge $20 or more for this information...but here it is for FREE: Here's a list of over 200 mystery shopping companies Make sure to sign up for their free version. They will also send jobs directly to you without you needing to apply to any companies!'s list is a bit disorganized, but each company was specifically selected for it's reputation - which is important for getting paid. huge list is organized alphabetically, with a useful description of each company.'s list is organized alphabetically and has an address, phone number, and url for most companies listed. The MSPA is a professional organization with 150 companies as members. They certify mystery shoppers, and connect them with companies.

So get going and have your kids (or you) apply to as many companies as you can...startingTODAY!

How to Make Your Application Stand Out

25% of applications get rejected because the applicant didn't provide enough information.

Don't let that happen to you!

Some times there are personal questions that seem...well...too intrusive--such as your race, whether you have children, or your mode of transportation.

But it's important to answer these questions because the companies need to hire people within certain certain demographics.

They may send two mystery shoppers of different races to compare the differences in service.

And it would be silly to send someone who doesn't own a car for an oil change!

Also, your application needs to be free of any errors. No grammar errors, misspelled words, or unedited typos allowed.

As a mystery shopper, your writing will be how you communicate with the company, so be thorough, accurate, and well edited.

You'll be way ahead of the crowd by paying careful attention.

Remember, anyone can do this...whether they're young, old, a parent, grandparent, already employed, or just looking for a good time!

Who says the journey to millions has to be boring and no fun?

So what are you waiting for...get out there and help your kids apply...and get paid to shop!

How to Get More Assignments Than You Know What To Do With

This may seem obvious...but the more companies you apply for, the more assignments you'll be offered. You can do this online, for free, and in your spare time.

Companies NEED you for market research...and they need reliable people who like to shop, and want to make some extra money.

You'll be ahead of 90% of most shoppers simply by doing a thorough and accurate job.

Once you start getting jobs, give a good report. Be honest, straightforward, and extrememly detailed in answering all of their questions and following directions.

It also helps to accept last minute or slightly undesirable jobs. This will put you at the top of the list for future assignments.

Also, apply to a lot of mystery shopping companies, and do an outstanding job.

You'll be rewarded for your efforts with more and more jobs.

Earlier, I said you could possibly go on a cruise for FREE being a mystery shopper...(not a bad way to earn a vacation if you ask me)...

Here's How:

Become a GOLD Certified Mystery Shopper

To become Gold certified you need to attend a one day conference. They are held regularly in large cities, so you're probably within reasonable distance. Go here to check out how to get certified through the Mystery Shopper Provider's Association They provide two levels of certification: Silver and Gold.

Becoming Gold certified gives you the chance to network with mystery shop schedulers in your area that can be incredibly valuable.

But you don't have to become certifed. There are many very successful mystery shoppers not certified.

It's really up to you.

So have some fun, make some money, and keep going on your journey to teaching your kids how to become millionaires!

And have fun mystery shopping for BIG BUCKS!

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