News Reporter

by Aaron
(United Kingdom)

Hello millionaire-kids, my name is Aaron, I am 13 and im obviously looking for a job online, the reason why I am looking for a job is because I just want to go on paypal and atleast see over £100 in my account. If my brothers or sisters are hungry I would love to be the man of the house and order food and get it sent to my place. I am looking for a news reporter or writer job, If I see something on the news that catches my eye like now Music videos are getting age ratings so good songs that have bad words in them are going to be 18+, I would love just to write my opinion (atleast 5-6 paragraphs on the news) and get money from it. I would also add pictures, say my opinion, what I think of it, if its good or bad and maybe have votes on everything I write if the public agrees or disagrees on what my article had to say.

Thank you Millionaire-kids for letting us teens get money easily on this great website.

Aaron out.

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