Newspaper Delivery, Babysit, Petsitter, Dogwalker, Hand Carwash, Tutor

by Khia
(Orlando FL)

I can teach kids my age younger than me or my age math. I babysit my nephews and little cousins, so I know how to interact and take care of them while the parent is gone or busy in the house. I can be a math tutor for kids in elementary school. I would love to deliver newspaper because I ride my bike fast so know very well that I can make the deliveries on time. I can babysit dogs or puppies because I have one my own and he loves to play and be a bigger dog but he is the smallest little bad boy I know of other than my nephews and they are very hyper children. Also I run when I walk dogs outside so I can keep up with their activities and I do that a lot with my pup who is 1 year old in human years.

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