Not certain.

by Jodie
(Hong Kong)

I'm 13 years old, I think I'm slightly weird for my age to think of mature things such as my future and career. --

As for the jobs- for 13 year olds: I would rather say either Baby-sitting because even us 13 year olds have hold that responsibility or perhaps something to do with writing? Every once in a while its nice to show some creativity through a 13 year old's thinking.

As for myself, I enjoy writing, I enjoy fashion, I love to draw, I would love to be a model, however I don't even have the courage in myself to believe I could be, but being a model isn't some job that you can easily have, its something you have to train for.

I may sound like a smart aleck whatsoever but thats just me denying myself.

The type of job I would want? Well for now, I like puzzles so, I'd like to do something that has to do with jigsaw puzzles, I find it fascinating when you finally finish the last piece to your puzzle. Its an achievement I can actually be happy of.

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