Online Jobs

by Benita Emeh

I would like an online surveying job or, an online typing job.

Online surveying jobs are like opportunities to share your opinions and get paid for that, from the comfort of ones home, of course. I'm just 14 and I want a job that keeps me busy; after school, instead of lazying around all day.

An Online typing job, I see it as an opportunity to improve ones skills, and earn money. I've been looking for online jobs for a period of time now, but I haven't been able to find one, and I'm hoping this would really help.

I'd really like to earn my own money, at least to help in supporting my parents. I would just like any job that pays, while working from home without using money to start the job. Not really a specific job, but I do need an online job please. I'm in Nigeria, Please help
Thank You

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