Online photo editing, teen clothing trend advice, interior designer, car advice, math help

by Arman

I am a thirteen year old boy who needs some cash so I can but a jetski for up at my mom's lake house. I love technology and a few months ago I was editing my friends instagram photos and their selfies.

My favorite hobby has to be cars, I know anything there is to know about them from company, speed, price, status, technology, and more. Cars are a really unique way to express yourself and I would like to help people with their choice.
I'm very I touch with all the fashion trends so if you need some advice of what to wear or what to sell I can always give some advice.
I'm really good with designing I designed parts of my mom's lake house and some of the neighbors living rooms so if there is anything I can do over the Internet that would be great.
I had an overall grade of 267 on my math nwea test so I can very easily tutor anyone that is having any troubles.

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