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by Joshua
(united states)

Hi my name is Josh i am a 14 year old looking for ways to make my future easy. My skills lie in quick thinking/problem solving(as long as i have know the basics in the field of the problem) and i am even adept in the art of, well art. I enjoy graphical art and have been required to make pictures for friends in mere hours.

I am hoping to establish my independence as quickly as possible and as soon as i reach of age i WILL move out but such a decision costs money. a minimum of $8 an hour is required unless the job is(in my opinion) easy.
If you have read this far hopefully i have someone who is interested in my proposition. I can only work from online and during reasonable hours an in-school student can handle, though i have no social events i attend that cannot easily be canceled.
i have no need to cheat you, so i hope you are courteous to share the same respect. thank you for your time

contact info:email

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