by Yolanda
(Frederick, Maryland)

My name is Yolanda. I am 13, but turning 14 this November (of 2014). I'm hoping to get a job so I can start my YouTube career, because I really enjoy being in front (and behind) the camera. If I had enough money to buy a MacBook and a cheap camera, hopefully I could start.

As you can tell from above, I'm quite open to anything. I have been playing clarinet since I was 9 years old, and more recently, piano since I was 12. I'm not quite comfortable with that last one, because I had to quit lessons. Anyways, I am willing to play clarinet, a little bit of piano and sing (I have been in chorus for a year). I am quite tech-savvy and am open to teaching people about computers, along with online surveys and helping with websites. I have a five year old brother, so I have experience with young children. I have been writing for over three years, and it is a deep passion of mine. I have never sold a book or a poem, but I have entered my poem in the Young Authors' contest and have won an award. I have many stories--all fictional. I'm even working on my autobiography! I enjoy acting deeply, but my only experience has been a school play--of which I got a part, and was an understudy for two major parts. (It was Seussical Jr., and I was a Bird Girl and understudy for Mayzie and The Cat in the Hat.)
I have never had a job, but I am willing to bring myself to the plate and open myself to most things. I'm hoping for a job that will pay more than minimum wage and will really be something worth investing. Thank you for your time.

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