Pet care or anything

by Brianna
(Las Vegas NV 89030)

Me and Bambi 051507 ~  030113

Me and Bambi 051507 ~ 030113

Hi, Im 14 looking to make money, I have worked with animals, horses,pigs,rabbits, and a hamster. I love to be around animals. I have no problem with cleaning there poop, I can clean there house(pets house). I can also do some house work(your house). I can work 4 or less hours on school days and more than 5 on non-school days. I play sports so excessive will be in it. Recently lost my baby(pet) trying to get my mind occupied.

Shorter version^^^
-14 years old
-have experience (horses,pigs,rabbits,hamsters)
-love animals
-play sports
-house work

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