by Veda

I want a dog or rodent sitting job. I want to do that because I love dogs and rats, hamsters, etc. I have a 15 year old dog with kidney disease who was in my family way before me. I take her to the vet, walk her 3 times a day, feed her, groom her, and sometimes set up her appointments. I am very educated and knowledgable about dogs and rodents (specifically rats) and should be very trusted with a job like this. I live in San Francisco and am a straight A student. I would be wanting to get payed at least $15 per day that I pet sit. I would love to have responsibility for a rat or dog while their owners are away. The thing is, I don't really feel comfortable posting flyers around my neighborhood. I feel that people will think of me weird and think I am lame/stupid. I don't know how to get a petsitting (or babysitting) job any other way though!

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