photographer, babysitting, personal trainer

by Rachel
(San Jose, California. United States)

Hi, my name is Rachel and i am 12 years old and i will be soon turning 13 in November. I have two brothers that are 21, and 6. I am looking for a job that can get me some cash, but i'm not desperate. I am really tired of seeing everyone else around me have a job but not me. I also think this would look great on my resume when i go to college. I really enjoy helping people so i think any job is suitable for me. my interests for jobs have really gone up. I really enjoy photography because i am always surrounded by nature and i love taking pictures of it. I just think it is beautiful what we can see outside.The reason that I would want to be a personal trainer is because i have always loved sports. I have helped train some of my friends as well. My favorite sports is cross country,soccer and track and field. I really want to be a personal trainer because i really want to help people with this because more then half of the world are obese and I think that if we can change their minds it would make a difference in the world. And lastly the reason that I want to be a babysitter is because i just absolutely love kids. i have a younger brother than me and he is really cute and we love playing with each other.I am a mature,responsible,caring person when it comes to children, and I think I should have a chance

Where i live:San Jose, bay area, California
Phone number: 1(408)797-5023
email: or

Thank you

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