Photography , Pet Sitting

Honestly, I want a job I actually like , and one that keeps cash coming. I'm aware that I'm "only thirteen" but soon I'm going to need a car and tons of other odds and inns. I don't want to beg for money anymore. It just aggravates me and my family , according to the 'No Means No' rule.. Photography is something that I enjoy. Plus, when any photo(s) are/is captured , they're eternal memories. If\when I take them , they'll live up to being "picture perfect." That being said , if you need a photography kid , I'm here waiting for you to give me the opportunity (;

In addition, I love animals. Each and every one . I would be more than happy to pet-sit your wild little puppy or your down-to-Earth dog. Whatever the case , I also need to know if the animal has any allergies AND if it's had its shots , AND if it has any certain conditions that need to be clarified before the session begins.. "Better safe, than sorry."

#Chat With Me , It Won't Hurt To See , (:

You Have To Start Somewhere. *

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